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What People Are Saying!

"This mapping software has more sales lead information on it than anything I've ever seen…

As you are talking to others throughout your team, please encourage them to start using

-- Reid Gorman, President of MacGregor Golf, in an internal email distributed to all the
   MacGregor sales reps speaking about the Never-Search for Golf mapping software
"I tried your software and found it very useful. The mapping was much more accurate than another map program I was using. I had previously tried using a Microsoft product, but it couldn’t map 90 of the 270 golf courses that I wanted to import. So far, I have not found one course on your map that has not been accurately mapped… and my territory covers the mountain regions of North Carolina, where many of the addresses are rural routes."

-- James Havens, Eastern Director of Business Development, ForeFront Group
"Is there anyone exhibiting at this show that isn’t interested in this mapping product?"

-- Doug Holt, Vice President / General Manager TaylorMade-adidas Golf US, commenting
   on the Never-Search for Golf mapping software at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show

"We love Never-Search. Being able to update the information on the map would be very useful as well. The only other suggestion would be having the buyer’s information (email address on the map).

We love this tool! It has saved us a lot of time!"

-- Tina Hofer, Managing Director, Lela Designs Inc., commenting in an email to
   Never-Search prior to receiving an update that added email addresses to the
   information displayed on the map.

"It will be great to be able to search for courses by name. The radius feature is excellent as we can pick out courses in an area to target."

-- Carl Clift, Chief Executive Officer, GolfLogix Systems, Inc

"I would first like to say thank you for the opportunity to use your software, because believe me it has been a pleasure! I recently added Las Vegas to my territory and it’s absolutely incredible how amazing it is to focus in on my territory and instantly have access to pertinent information that usually took time in a wasted phone call. I find myself using Never-Search more than any other tool I have. I have even had the opportunity to call on places that I didn’t think existed. Some of the places have gone out of business or changed management, but it sounds like you are in the process of allowing users to update this information. I have just started to really get used to all the features, but I cannot begin to explain how quick and easy it is to use. I especially like the filtering option that allows me to call on green grass one day and then retail the next. I can focus in and see only the accounts I want to see and that makes my calls that much more efficient.

We originally had MapPoint when I started with the company and it gave false information as to the whereabouts of accounts. It was frustrating, so I just stopped using it as a reliable source. You can certainly use any of the above comments in any capacity you would like and I look forward to seeing the future versions of this package.

-- Mike Franko, Sales Representative (Arizona area), MacGregor Golf, in an email to
   Never-Search, which was in turn circulated to other MacGregor Sales Representatives

"Like Mike Franko, I want to thank you for the opportunity to trial the software; it's a big improvement over MapPoint.

"Having the ability to get accurate information about any off-course, green grass or driving range facility on the go is a great feature to have (especially when an appointment gets cancelled and you have to scramble for something nearby).

MapPoint was out-of-date to the point where I had not used it for 2 months and had no plans to, whereas now I'll use Never-Search every day. Narrowing the search between private and municipal or driving range and retail saves valuable time; that I otherwise spent searching old databases or fumbling with disconnected phone numbers, email addresses and PGA Pro's who had since relocated.

Hope this gives you some feedback; appreciate the chance to use the software. You've got a practical and easy to use product!"

-- Craig Walton, MacGregor Golf Sales Representative - Maryland, Virginia & District of    Columbia, in a reply to Mike Franko’s circulated email

"So far, the most useful aspect of your Never-Search tool has been for me to look up new courses that I have not visited. It’s nice to be able to blow up the area I am at and find alternative routes to courses/expressways. Seems like I am always running into heavy construction/traffic and this tool helps me find an alternative route."

-- Mike Jaske, Sales Representative (Michigan area), MacGregor Golf, in an email to

"Reid, thought I’d drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy using Never- Search. What an awesome tool! I took some time to really get into the features and have not stopped using it since! This blows Map-point away. I called Keith and got a few extra pointers on the software and now I’m at the point where I’m thinking about buying the GPS adaptor. The information that is available is very up-to-date. I have yet to get lost and have found some golf places that I didn’t even know existed!

Very Cool!"

-- Mike Jaske, Sales Representative (Michigan area), MacGregor Golf, in an email to Reid
   Gorman, President of MacGregor Golf

"The new independent sales rep areas are perfect! I’ll be ordering today! Thanks for coming up with something so useable!"

-- Mathew Tucker, Director of Sales, Palm West Leather, replying by email to our
   announcement of the new sales rep territory and volume pricing initiatives

"It’s like a screwdriver. You may not need to use it everyday, but it’s good to know it’s in your toolbox."

-- Gary E. Jones, CEO