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Downloading the Never-Search for Golf (Travel Map) Program

Tips on downloading the Never-Search for Golf (Travel Map) Program (DVD file) from the Never-Search website.

How to stop and resume a download.
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How to register your Activation Code.

What to do if your golf data disappears from the map..

Updating your map (golf) data.
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Getting Familiar with your Never-Search for Golf map

Parts 1-5 - Full Video Watch walk through video
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How the Never-Search for Golf program can become your most effective sales tool.

Includes an overview of the following:

Part 1 – Introduction
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What is Never-Search for Golf and how does it work?

How using categorized folders makes it unique.

Part 2 – Displaying Info
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How to display data on the map to qualify courses to visit.

Marking courses as Favorites: Places I've Visited (existing accounts) and Places to Visit (prospects).

Keeping notes on each place (course).

Part 3 – Routing and GPS
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Routing and getting turn-by-turn directions.

Connecting a GPS receiver.

Part 4 – Find Nearby
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Using the Find "Nearby" feature to search for and qualify courses in an area.

How to run an effective telephone campaign.

Part 5 – Find Anywhere
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How to find a place (or course) anywhere in the US.
Interview at PGA Show

Interview of founder Keith Kreft at the 2008 PGA Show in Orlando demonstrating the Never-Search for Golf program.

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Future Plans

Besides keeping all of the golf data up-to-date, we will be adding other Places of Interest (POI’s) which complement your golfing experience… like cool places to eat and visit. We have already begun this in the Myrtle Beach area where you can find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and nightlife… right on the map.

Future Plans
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