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Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions
1. I received your CD, but it won't work.
A. The Never-Search for Golf disc is a DVD, not a CD, so your PC must have a DVD reader.  Unfortunately, we do not have a CD-based version of the map.
B. If you have successfully installed the map, as evidenced by seeing a map of the US when you launch the program, but can’t see the Red and Green golf course flags when checking the
Select allfolder in the upper left hand corner of the Places Folder List, then go to FAQ #2, below.
C. If you’re not sure whether the map installed correctly or not, uninstall the application using the Add or Remove Programs function accessed from your PC’s Control Panel selection under your PC’s Start button.  Then try reinstalling the program again by inserting the DVD.
D. At the end of the installation, you should find the Never-Search icon Never-Search shortcut iconon your desktop.  Click on it to open the Never-Search map.  You should now see a map of the US.  If not, you may have an operating system that is not supported.  It does not work on Windows 98 or Macs.  You will also need 2.1 GB of free space on your hard drive to load the large program containing data for every street in North America.  See FAQ #4 for a complete list of all the system requirements.
E. If after opening the program you can see a map of the US, then check the Select allfolder in the upper left hand corner of the Places Folder List. You should now see gray flags covering the US.  If so, proceed to FAQ #2, below, to download and install the golf data from the Never-Search website.  If you encounter any other problems, please email us your phone number at
Our email address and someone will contact you.
2. My map only shows gray flags across the US, or no flags at all on the map.

If you see a map of the US, with or without gray flags covering the map, you have installed the DVD correctly, however, you may need to update the application or all the golf data from the Never-Search website.  To do this:

A. Close your map.
B. Go to the Never-Search website and select "Register Your DVD"
C. On the Registration Page, enter the requested info.  If you have an Activation Code that may have been previously emailed to you, please enter it in the top section and click Next.  If you do not and have a License Key (Promotional Code), please enter it in the lower section.  If you do not have a License Key (Promotional Code), then enter Q108 or REGISTRATION as printed on the DVD, then just choose whether you want the Business Edition or the Personal Edition.
D. On the next page, follow the instructions to update your application and golf data.  This may include selecting Download Now on that page.  Then selecting RUN .  Make sure your map is closed before the download has finished.  At the end of the download it will ask you again whether you want to run the software.  Click RUN again.
E. After the golf data is installed, open your map and check the Select allfolder in the upper left hand corner of the Places Folder List.  You should see Red and Green golf flags covering the map.
F. An Activation Code should have been emailed to you after you completed step C above. Open the top Help Illustrated menu item, and select Registration, and then Enter Activation Code.  You can either paste the entire Activation Code into the first box, or type it in manually.
G. You should be up and running.  If you run into any problems, please email us your phone number
at Our email address and someone will contact you.
3. I can't select Update Places or it fails.
There are several reasons why this may not work.  In order to be successful, the following items must all be functioning: 1) you must enter your Activation Code under Help Illustrated - Registration - Enter Activation Code, 2) you must be connected to the internet, 3) your firewall must allow the Never-Search application to access the internet, 4) if you were presented with a download during registration on the website, you need to RUN the download.

In most cases, when you click on Update Places, there will be a message that gives you help in determining what was not functioning.
If you were presented with a download during registration previously and can't locate it, then download another copy by following the instructions in FAQ #2, above.
4. Does the map work on Macs or VISTA? (System Requirements)
The program does not work on Macs but does work on Vista if you have administrator privileges.  It also does not work on older operating systems, like Windows 98.  The program also requires 2.1 GB of free space on the hard drive to install completely.

Here are the System Requirements:
  • PC with Pentium II or higher CPU (Pentium 3 recommended);
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT 4.0 SP 6.0, Windows Server 2003;
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 recommended);
  • 2.1 GB hard disk space; DVD-ROM drive (for non-download delivery);
  • USB port (optional – for GPS receiver).
5. The program will no longer retrieve clubs by inserting a name in the Find Place slot.
The Find Places function only searches for Places which are selected for display on the map.  So if you have not checked any golf course folders in the Places Folder List, then no courses will be found.

NOTE: You can also use the Find Places search to find Golf Instructors by name, but they must selected for display.
Find Location dialog
6. Is there any way to view a list of the golf courses in an area?
Yes.  The Nearby button on the toolbar can be used to display a list of all the courses (or other folder items) being displayed on the map within a radius of the center of the map.  When selected, the program draws a circle with a radius which is based on the present zoom level or map view.  Only courses selected for display on the map are listed.

You can change the radius. You can sort these alphabetically or by distance from the center.  You can add or remove courses by selecting or de-selecting folders and clicking Refresh.

Under Help Illustrated, see Finding Places on the Map/Find Nearby Places
Nearby place list pane
7. Is there any "Help" available to learn about the program's features and functions?
Yes, you can find "help" in a few different places.
A. We provide a "Top 10 Things to Know…" single page guide which gives a brief explanation of almost every control and function available.  This is a good place to start as it identifies the most frequently used map functions.  It also indicates which are the most important, the Top 10 functions.  This image is accessible from the Quick Start box displayed when you first open your map, or selectable from under the Help Illustrated menu selection.
Top ten quick tips
B. We also provide Help screens detailing how to navigate, zoom, find places, perform routing, etc.  These pages are accessible by selecting Never-Search Map Help under the Help Illustrated main menu selection.  We have also loaded some of these pages with Power User Tips onto the buttons appearing along the bottom of the map.
How To toolbar buttons