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Cool Sites    The 2008 West Coast GOLF ValueBook is the "entertainment" book for golf.   If you play golf on the West Coast, it has coupons for 350 golf courses in CA, NV, HI, OR, WA. All the courses with coupons are shown on the Never-Search for Golf map, while details of each offer open from the mapped icons.    This website has 14,500 links to golf websites.  These can be viewed by category, or searched for using the website’s search engine.    This website uses Google Earth Satellite views to fly from Tee to Green on over 5,000 golf courses.  Each hole is numbered displaying yardage and target hitting areas.  Select "Play Tour" from the Google Earth Tools menu.
Golf Galaxy Golf Tour 

The Golf Galaxy® Golf Tour offers one day, 18 hole events open to all golfers (men, women and juniors) who normally score 95 or less on 18 holes.  Experience the camaraderie and friendly competition of tournament golf (2 person team, Best-Ball, and Scramble formats) played on the weekends at top local courses in your area.

Get $10 off any tour entry fees when registering by entering promo code: NEVERSEARCH
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Your Inner Swing

We all have it, it's a part of who we are and what we've become… it's our life story. What is it?… The "stuff" we call BAGGAGE!  Your Inner Swing, 7 Lessons in Golf and Life, will teach you how to deal with what you have and make it better than ever before… in golf and life.  When you learn to go within, you won’t go without!

Your Inner Swing

My Fitness Caddy

My Fitness Caddy will be your personal golf assistant, helping you to hit the ball farther and straighter, with reduced risk of injury and pain.  We can help build strength and flexibility, improve your golf posture and alignment, and increase your stability.  All the elements needed for a great swing!

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