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About Us
We are a small, technology-driven business that places high values on integrity, on quality and on listening to and working with our customers. We want our map products to be "all that they can be" and we are continually improving them towards that goal.  We are constantly working to make our products more reliable, more useful and more powerful, while at the same time keeping them intuitive and easy to use. Our primary goal is to provide the customer with incredibly useful and effective products.  We know that if we accomplish this, and we do what is right for the customer, we will in turn be successful.

The founder of Never-Search, Keith Kreft, had a very successful career in the automotive service industry with the diagnostic division of Snap-on Tools, where, as Vice President of Engineering, he envisioned and guided the development of Snap-on’s most successful line of hand-held diagnostic products.  These products uniquely integrated the most frequently used service information into the diagnostic instrumentation, improving technicians’ productivity by saving them valuable time searching for service and repair procedures scattered throughout the repair facility.  While traveling on business regularly, Keith was frustrated with the inaccuracies; the omissions, the contradictions... the overall lack of quality of the information shown on maps used for travel planning. He saw the opportunity to introduce a "Snap-on" level of quality and improved methods of delivering information into the mapping technology.  Today, Never-Search is applying that vision.
Our Vision
Inspired by the inconsistent quality of the information displayed on both Internet and desktop maps, Never-Search began development of a mapping system which combines the intent of the "yellow pages" (locating categories of information), the intent of Internet search engines (gathering additional qualitative information on places of interest), the benefits of using maps (proximity-based viewing), and a simple and easy-to-use way of controlling what gets displayed on the map (the categories and the amount of information)... all without requiring the use of a search engine or a continuous Internet connection.

We envision every personal computing device having its own resident map from which personally selected sets of geographically referenced information are managed:

Where maps of areas can be created and saved,

Where locations of friends and business contacts... and selected hotels and favorite restaurants can be added and viewed simultaneously... and then saved,

Where travel plans aren’t just a bunch of random print-outs of individual locations, but instead appear on one congruous map which can be edited at any time, even while traveling.

We are driven to building the most valued, most dependable and most productive map system in the world.  To this end, we are continually developing new methods of capturing, validating and delivering reliable, high-quality, accurately mapped POI information.

Our Beliefs
1. We believe in exceeding customer expectations.

2. We believe in continuous improvement to achieve uncompromising quality and to create the most positive user experience.

3. We believe in speed; fast is better than slow.

4. We believe you don't always need to be connected to the Internet to have information at your fingertips